Exodus Singer Recalls First Hearing Epic Led Zeppelin Effort: “I’d Never Heard Anything Like That Before”

Exodus Singer Recalls First Hearing Epic Led Zeppelin Effort: "I'd Never Heard Anything Like That Before"

Exodus singer Steve Zetro Souza recalled the first song he heard from Led Zeppelin and stated that it was one of the most epic songs in rock and roll history.

Steve “Zetro” Souza is known for being the singer of the thrash metal band Exodus. At first, the singer performed in the band from 1986 to 1994. In 2002, the musician rejoined the band until 2004. In 2014, Zetro reunited with Exodus for the third time and still rocks the stage with them.

On the other hand, the English rock band Led Zeppelin was formed in London in 1968 by the band’s legendary line-up. Throughout its career, Led Zeppelin released 8 studio albums, 10 compilation albums, 4 live albums, 16 music videos, 3 video albums, 16 singles, 3 charted songs, and many more things.

Stairway To Heaven is widely regarded as one of the greatest rock songs in rock history. In the past, the song was composed for the band’s Led Zeppelin IV by the singer Robert Plant and the guitarist Jimmy Page.

However, during a new interview with Metal Wani, Zetro mentioned Led Zeppelin‘s impact on his life. At first, the musician recalled the first album he ever got. According to him, his father bought him Led Zeppelin IV when he was a child.

“Eight years old, birthday present, my father bought me ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ in 1972,” he recalls. “I was eight. Everybody who knows me from childhood, they all tell me, ‘I knew you were going to do this, Souza, I knew it. If there was anybody I would have said…’

“Because everybody’s listening to Jackson 5 and The DeFranco Family, and I’m listening to Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin and Allman Brothers and Black Sabbath.

“My father was a biker. Until he died he was a biker, but when he worked on his motorcycles, I would go out in the garage while he worked on stuff and that’s the type of music he listened to.”

Zetro Says Led Zeppelin Has Done Great Work On Stairway To Heaven

In the continuation of his words, Souza recalled the first time he heard Stairway To Heaven from Led Zeppelin. According to him, he thought when he heard the song that it was a unique effort as musically. He also revealed his admiration for AC/DC, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and more.

“So that’s when I first heard ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ and the very end of the song where it gets heavy and the lead guitar, and Robert Plant gets out, I just I thought I’d never heard anything like that before musically,” he admits.

“And that’s what probably caught my ear, and that’s why I’m heavy metal, that is why. After that, anything that had an edge to it, from Ted Nugent to AC/DC to Aerosmith, anything that had it, UFO, Scorpions…

“I mean, again, I’m listening to stuff, ’75-’76, anything that had teeth, I wanted to listen to.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Souza remembered the first concert he ever went to. According to him, it was a KISS show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and he almost gets died.

“KISS,” he says. “I almost died. ’77, at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. I was 13 years old, Ken Orman’s mom took us.

“I just read the paper six months ago she passed away, and when I saw it, it blew me away. I’m like, ‘Oh, that was the lady that took me to my first concert ever..'”

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