Exodus and Slayer Legend Gary Holt: “I Am Stunned”

Gary Holt, the bandleader of the American thrash metal band Exodus and was also a member of Slayer between 2011 to 2019, has just sent a new video through his official social media account and stated that he is stunned.

In the video, he showed fans his matt Gibson Red Widow guitar and said, “Check this shit [laughs]. Fuck yes! Ah, look at this thing. Matt red. But wait for it, wait for it… ah, it’s a red widow. So sick. I’m stunned.”

“So this just arrived via FedEx,” Gary also wrote in the description of the video. “I’m speechless!! I wasn’t expecting this!!! I had inquired about the cost of a red widow, and THIS arrives!!! I am stunned!!! SO KILLER!!!”

Also, in the first days of January, Gary Holt has shared the guitar he played at the Slayer’s last show on his social media account and said, “Here are some photos of the angel.”

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