Ex-Metallica Bassist Admits A Shocking Truth About James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich

A shocking and rarely known truth about James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich has been revealed by the original bassist of the heavy metal band Metallica, Ron McGovney, who was a member of the band from October 1981 to December 1982.

The story mentions the band’s co-founders Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield‘s first meetings. In a recent social media post shared on Twitter, a user named Todd in the Shadows argued that James Hetfield did not like Lars Ulrich because he smelled bad.

Later, Ron McGovney chimed in and shared the true side of the story. According to Ron McGovney, the fact was true but James liked Lars anyways.

When the user writes, “Something I discovered in my researchon Metallica: James Hetfield did not like Lars Ulrich upon their first meeting because he smelled really bad,” former Metallica bassist commented:

“The odor story is true , but James liked him. I liked him. He was just so annoyingly persistent that he always got his way. Who couldn’t like a guy who packed his drum kit into that fishbowl of a car , the AMC Pacer?”

Also, under the post, another fact has been revealed by the original Metallica bassist. Until today, it was telling that Lars Ulrich‘s family helped the band to run away. But former Metallica bassist stated that it was his family to helped the band established and running.

You can find the tweets below.

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