Ex-Dream Theater Star Mike Portnoy Praises Ozzy Osbourne and Ordinary Man

The legendary drummer Mike Portnoy, who rocked the stage with the world-known progressive metal band Dream Theater as a drummer, has recently shared a photo through his social media account and revealed his thoughts about Ordinary Man, the twelfth solo album of the Ozzy Osbourne.

“In all honesty, I haven’t checked out a new Ozzy Osbourne album in a long time, but I picked this up outta curiosity and I’m very pleasantly surprised,” Mike said.

“Great to hear Chad Smith, Duff McKagan, Slash, Post Malone, Elton John and Andrew Watt contributions taking Ozzy to some new places…(actual Beatles-Esque moments!!)

“But damn… these lyrics… it’s pretty obvious where Ozzy’s head is these days… these are some seriously poignant introspective life reflections… almost as if he’s saying goodbye and this is his swan song.”

In addition to the good things, Mike knew to reveal his complaint about the album.

“On that note, my only complaint would be the sequencing as that ‘Holy For Tonight’ should’ve been the last thing on the album as it’s so incredibly climactic and the Posty songs should’ve been earlier, but in any case, serious kudos for a surprisingly great album.

“And Ozzy – please get well and hopefully you’re not going anywhere any time soon!”

Ordinary Man has been released on February 21 via Epic Records.

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