Rob Zombie touring musician John 5, who is known for his positive behaviors and guitar performances that shared his social channels, has recently shared a special video to celebrate Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx’s birthday and showed how valuable he is.

This time, John 5 appeared on his official Instagram page to share a special video for Nikki Sixx and performed a new version of the classic birthday celebration song in his own style. With the post, we’ve easily seen how a great person John 5 is.

The video was starting John 5’s happy face and some words, “Nikki! It is your birthday today!” Later, he was performing a birthday celebration song with his own style and concluding, “Happy birthday buddy, I love ya!”

When John shared the video, he captioned, “A very happy birthday to my brother @nikkisixxpixx.”

In the comments, Nikki Sixx shared his feelings and thanking to John 5, saying, “Now that’s a birthday song. Thank you so much.”

You can watch the video and see the comment below.

credit: John 5 Instagram