Ex-Dream Theater Legend Mike Portnoy Having Fun With Coronavirus

The American drummer Mike Portnoy, best known with his works in the world-famous progressive metal band Dream Theater between 1985-2010, has just shared a new post through his official social media account and had fun with coronavirus.

Some of the bands and albums in the photo are AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, which was released in 1979, Iron Maiden’s self-titled album, which was released in 1980, and KISS’s Dynasty, which was released in 1979.

“I know these are serious times right now…but at least we can get a chuckle from some of the funny album cover parodies that have come out,” Mike wrote in the description of the photo he shared.

Also, the American thrash metal band Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick shared his thoughts in the comments of the photo and celebrated the creators of the photo of the AC/DC.

“Removing the ‘A’ to spell C/DC (Center for Disease Control) = Brilliant,” he wrote.

Here’s the photo:

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