Ex-Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy’s Rare Youth Photo Revealed

The 52-year-old American musician Mike Portnoy, best known with his 25-year career with the progressive metal band Dream Theater, has recently sent a new photo on his official social media account and revealed his rare-known youth photo.

In the photo he shared, Mike took his fans back to his youth and compared his 21-year-old looks with his son Max Portnoy‘s same-year-old look. Also, in the photo, Mike Portnoy‘s hair was long and his son Max just looking like him.

You can find the caption of the photo Mike wrote below.

“Mike Portnoy – 1988 – Age 21
Max Portnoy – 2020 – Age 21
‘The more that things change, the more they stay the same…’
‘Like father, like son…’
‘The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…’
‘(What other clichés can we use??)
‘That came out of my sack!!!!’”

Also, in the comments of the photo, a fan named David Mars shared his thoughts about Mike Portnoy‘s youth and said, “WDADU pic! Can’t believe you were that young when you guys recorded that album. If my memory serves me right, this is one of the few albums you didn’t write any lyrics. Or was it I&W? Epic pic.”

Mike Portnoy replied: “Yes WDADU is the only DT album (of my era) without any of my lyrics On I&W: I wrote V1 & CH of Take The Time, as well as ACOS which was supposed to have been on the album)”

After his 25-year story at Dream Theater, Mike continues his career with the progressive metal supergroup called Sons of Apollo.

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