Ex-Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy Names ‘Band Of The Decade’

The American drummer Mike Portnoy, known with his 25-year effort with the legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater, has recently appeared on his social media and revealed the ‘band of the decade.’

With a recent post he shared on his Instagram, Mike Portnoy touched the English progressive metal band Haken‘s upcoming studio album, Virus, which will be out on June 19, and stated that he is so excited for that. He also added his words that he is his band of the decade.

Mike Portnoy wrote the following letter: “I know I’m not supposed to be prematurely hyping this as it’s still not coming out for a few more weeks… but I spent some time with this masterpiece tonight and I couldn’t contain my excitement…

“You already know how much I love Haken… my ‘Band of the Decade,’ and my backup band for my Shattered Fortress tour a few years ago (#justiceforray)… but man, they knocked it outta the park with this new one!! Wow…

“Continuing to push the boundaries of Prog & Metal…”

As a response to the successful drummer, many fans mentioned how a great band Haken is.

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