Dr. Cyril Wecht Claims Kurt Cobain’s Death Was Not A Suicide, Here Are The Details

Kurt Cobain Portrait

The legendary guitarist Kurt Cobain, who rocked with Nirvana with seven years, has found dead at his home in Seattle, Washington on April 8, 1994. According to the Seattle Police Department incident report, Kurt Cobain was found with a shotgun across his body.

During a conversation with Santa Monica Observer, The American forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who has been a consultant in numerous high-profile cases, has talked about the American grunge metal band Nirvana‘s legendary member Kurt Cobain‘s tragic death and made remarkable claims. He said that he reviewed the autopsy reports, the police investigative reports, the photographs, the interviews with other people and background information of Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love, and stated that he believes Kurt Cobain‘s death was not a suicide, it is homicide.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, who is the author of 50 books and he has made many appearances on network and cable television programs to comment on the deaths of high profile figures, argued that the moments that took place during and after Kurt‘s death were illogical. Dr. Cyril Wecht has also touched that this is contradictory and absurd.

When asked “Why do you believe that Mr. Cobain‘s death was a homicide staged as a suicide?”, the expert Wecht replied:

“I have never seen a case of someone with such an exceptionally high level of heroin, enough to kill a lot of people, who was able to do what the authorities say Kurt Cobain did. It does not make any sense at all from a physiological, neurological or psychological standpoint.”

He opened up a little more about why it was illogical:

“Number one, that he would inject himself with such a huge amount of heroin and then take all of the assembly used to inject the drug and clean them and carefully put them back into the special little case: the needle, the syringe, and then set it aside, and then in this state of bliss and contentment, which is why these drug addicts take these drugs – to then pick up the shotgun and shoot himself. It is just absurd.

“Most of these people die with the needle still in them, the tourniquet on their arm, or the needle and syringe lying close by. Or they recover after a state of unconsciousness. Or they are resuscitated if someone is called to the scene. But for someone to make this injection and then take apart everything and put it back into a case carefully and take a shotgun and shoot themselves it is just – I have never seen anything like that.”

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