Deep Purple Bassist Says ‘Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction’ Is Not That Important For Them

In a new interview with Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown, Roger Glover, the bassist of the rock band Deep Purple, talked about their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction and made flash comments about it.

While he was talking about the issue, Roger touched their rejection twice and reacted how they thought when it happened at the time. He added his words that it’s okay because that’s not their goal.

“Well, having been turned down twice, we kind of got used to the fact that we weren’t wanted; actually, we weren’t wanted anyway, we never thought about it, that’s not our goal.

“Doing what we do is our goal; if someone wants to recognize it and awards us, that’s just the icing on the cake, but it’s not that important to us.

“So, after we’ve been turned down twice, when it finally came, we actually considered refusing it, as we thought we’d be more published for refusing it.

“But then we came to the conclusion, Ian said, ‘It’s not for us; it’s for the fans, it’s for the family and fans, especially the fans.’ So, we did it.”

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