Dee Snider Speaks On Vaccine Passport: “I Want That In The Worst F*cking Way!”

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider took to his Twitter page to address vaccine passport and has broken his silence about the issue by saying that he confirms that and wants that whatever it takes.

As some of you might know, the vaccine passport is a digital or physical document that shows whether you are vaccinated against COVID-19. Although some people accept that, some people say that those passports are a violation of privacy.

However, in a recent tweet shared on his Twitter, Dee Snider has revealed to his fans what he thinks about vaccine passports. He said that he wants it.

Dee Says He Has Nothing To Hide

Dee Snider, 2016. (image credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Opening up about his feelings and thoughts to his fans, Dee Snider has strongly stated that he wants that “in the worst way.” He also added his words that he has nothing to hide.

“I get that some people are wary of this, but I want a vaccine passport in the worst fucking way,” Dee tweeted. “I wave my vaccination card around like a flag! I’ve got nothing to hide and if a vaccine passport will let me go places without all these covid protocols sign me the fuck up!”

He Supports To Getting Vaccinated

Dee Snider supports getting vaccinated. (image credit: DAVE ABEL/Postmedia Network)

Dee Snider, who has got his second dose shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, has been sharing with his fans that he supports getting vaccinated. According to Dee, it was an irresponsible act and people must do that, although he respects who doesn’t want to get vaccinated.

“Many people aren’t getting vaccinated for different reasons,” says Dee. “I don’t judge them for their choices (though I hope they change their minds). It’s when some of them speak so vehemently against it & show no compassion for the concerns & choices of others. That pisses me the fuck off!”

When a fan told him, “I am actually allergic to something in the moderna vaccine. Both my doses caused anaphylaxis but I’m all good now,” Dee replied: “I’m really glad. These vaccines aren’t perfect but they are all we have.”

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