Chris Slade Talks On AC/DC’s Touring Issue, Upset Fans With The Comments He Gave

The 73-year-old drummer Chris Slade, known for the drummer of the rock band AC/DC, sat with Sonic Perspectives and gave new updates on AC/DC’s touring issue.

While he talks on it, the successful drummer upset fans by saying it will not happen in 2020. He also revealed the only person who knows what will happen. The drummer said:

“There are always going to be rumours with AC/DC. The only person who knows what will happen is Angus. It isn’t going to be this year! I can actually say that it will not happen in 2020!”

He concluded his words by saying always ready to go.

“I’m always are ready to go. I love to travel, playing drums, and being on the road as not many people can say that. I hope I will be doing it for many more years.”

Chris Slade rocked the stage with AC/DC for the first time between 1989–1994, but when the dates showed 2015, he rejoined the band.

Click here for the entire interview.

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