Corey Taylor Recalls His Physical Fight With Sid Wilson

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor appeared at Monster Mania Con 52. Last weekend, the legendary vocalist met with his fans at the event and conducted a Q&A. In the Q&A session, Corey recalled an issue with his bandmate, Sid Wilson.

Corey met with his fans at the event that took place last Saturday in Oaks, PA. Corey took pictures with his fans and signed their instruments for $100.

Corey answered many questions during the Q&A session, which lasted about half an hour. The final question to the Grammy-winning singer was about his biggest fight.

This question took Corey back six years. He recalled their physical fight with his bandmate Sid Wilson and reflected on how difficult it was for him.


“Me and Sid [Wilson] got into a fistfight, and it’s something that I’m not proud of.” he says (via Rock N Roll Experience). “It was during a tough, tough time. He and I were at such parallel ends — polarized and parallel ends — of the universe for no reason other than we were just in different spots in our life.

“But for some reason we were just banging heads hard. And it wasn’t good, to the point where when he would come into the room, I would leave, and if I came into the room, he would leave.”

Corey Taylor Says ‘He was Gonna go Home and Leave the Tour’

In the continuation, Corey delved deeper into their argument. According to Corey, Wilson almost quit the tour at the end of this big fight and was going home.

“This was about six years ago, so it’s… We’re good now, just so everybody knows. But it came to a head in Sweden. And he and I were both on a tear. Luckily, we kept this away from the fans. We had just had a meet-and-greet at the time. And a fan had given me a comic book that I had been looking for for a long time.

“So I was looking at it, and really appreciating it, and Sid being Sid, [he] came up and not knowing what was going on, he probably thought he was just joking, but came up and he just smacked it right out of my hand hard. He just nailed it. And in any other context, it would have been funny, like, ‘Oh, you dick,’ you know.

“But everything was amplified and all of the things you haven’t said come rushing to the front of your mind and it becomes an issue. And that turned into us turning on each other and going at each other hard to the point where the band had to pull us apart. He was saying he was gonna go home and leave the tour. I wasn’t going to apologize. It was bad, man.”

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