Brian Welch on KORN Fans: “They’re Everything To Us”

The American musician Brian “Head” Welch, the guitarist of the California-based nu metal band KORN, talked to “The You Rock Foundation” about the importance of their fans and expressed how he loves them.

While his daughter and he talked about the challenges and triumphs in their relationship, which featured in Brian “Head” Welch‘s documentary “Loud Krazy Love,” Brian touched the fans of KORN and praised them. He also shared his honest opinion about KORN and explained what he thought about the band.

“KORN is just an emotional processing machine – first of all, for our singer; second of all, for the fans,” he said. “We’ve all felt the things that Jonathan sings about. It’s very special what it means to people. I’m just honored to be a part of a band that is known for giving back to the wounded human condition.”

The successful musician continued: “When we first started in KORN, we thought this rock stardom was for us – the fame and all that – but the real gift is for the fans. They’ve been given a gift, and they’ve been really connected to it, and they enjoy it and they get healed from it. They’re everything to us – the fans are.”

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