Black Veil Brides Star Makes Flash Comments On Debut Album, Reveals The Thing That He Hated

In a new appearance on Guitar World, Jake Pitts, known for the guitarist of the Black Veil Brides, talked about the band’s debut album, We Stitch These Wounds, which re-record and released under the title of Re-Stitch These Wounds.

When the interviewer asked, “What kind of amps were you using on the original recordings?”, Jake revealed the thing that he hated about the album. He said:

“I think it was a Marshall JCM800 – which is a great amp, it just wasn’t captured properly. There was a Mesa/Boogie Road King as well. We probably used a pedal for the leads, too.

“I really hated the lead tones on that first album – it sounded so brittle and harsh. There was one pedal that helped get the kind of gain we needed, but I remember there was so much crazy feedback and fuzz. I had to use the volume knob almost like a gate. Listening back now, it sounds so nasty.”

Click here for the interview.

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