Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne’s Rare Masked Photo Revealed

The legendary singer Ozzy Osbourne, also known as The Prince of Darkness, has just shared a new photo on his social media account and showed his fans how funny he is.

In the photo, Ozzy looks like he was in a plane and was flying somewhere. While sending greetings to his fans, he also touched the importance of social distance. Also, Ozzy had closed his eyes with a face mask, which uses to cover the mouth and nose, and he looked pretty funny.

In the comments of the photo, a fan made the fans who saw the photo and people who followed Ozzy laughed with the comment he made. This fan named Enzo Cardoso likened Ozzy‘s photo to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and said, “Bolsonaro cosplay?”

Ozzy Osbourne has released his latest and twelfth solo album Ordinary Man on February 21, 2020, through Epic Records.

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