The 71-year-old heavy metal musician Ozzy Osbourne, best known with his golden effort with the Black Sabbath, has just contacted fans with a rare photo he shared through his social media account and reminded the importance of social distancing.

In this difficult coronavirus outbreak, Ozzy Osbourne is one of those artists who use social media actively. Almost every day, he takes his fans back to his past and shares his rare poses with them. Recently, he has just revealed a pool moment he lived and took his fans back to the moment by mentioning coronavirus.

In the photo he shared, Ozzy Osbourne was holding a pool cue on his hand while standing around the ping pong table. Ozzy Osbourne was talking about exactly this.

When he shared the post, Ozzy Osbourne reminded the importance of coronavirus with the following statement: “How about ANOTHER round of solo pool… #StillAtHome #SaferAtHome #SocialDistancing #Isolation #Insanity.”

The fans who saw the pose were also talking about the table in the photo of Ozzy Osbourne and saying that there was no problem other than playing billiards at the ping pong table.

Ozzy Osbourne took his social media recently with the following post:


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