Megadeth Star Dave Mustaine’s Rare Quarantine Poses Revealed, His Unseen Secret Appeared

The successful recording artist Electra Mustaine, also known as the daughter of the Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine, has just added new photos to her social media and reunited with her family on a family night.

During this difficult coronavirus lockdown, which in our lives for almost 6 months, it is possible to see many artists frequently on social media. Dave Mustaine is one of those who seen in social media once in a while and appeared on his daughter Electra Mustaine‘s “themed night.”

In the post she sent, Electra showed fans that the Mustaine family reunited once again for the family night. For the night, the Mustaine family played with dough and made patty together.

When we detailed the post, Dave Mustaine was good at cooking and he was a success with the dough. In addition to Electra Mustaine and Dave Mustaine, Justis Mustaine, son of Dave Mustaine, Angela Cheslock, the girlfriend of Justis Mustaine, and Pam Mustaine, wife of Dave Mustaine, were also in the photo.

Electra included the following message in the description of the post: “Another family theme night! ‘A night in Berlin!’ (…just wait til I post the bts commentary on my IGTV.)”

Before this night, Electra appeared with the Tiki Nights on her “themed night” event. During that day she used Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, homemade piña coladas, Hawaiian BBQ, and luau music.

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