Black Sabbath Reveals Ozzy Osbourne’s Unseen Style

One of the legendary heavy metal bands in rock n roll world, Black Sabbath, has just shared a new photo from the archive and revealed the rare-known style of the band’s vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, who released its twelfth and latest studio album named Ordinary Man on February 21.

In the photo taken at Wigton Market Hall on March 23, 1969, Black Sabbath was playing its last show before departing on their European tour. Tony‘s eye was on his bandmate Ozzy as usual, and he was looking towards him while he was playing the guitar.

“March 28, 1969. ‪Wigton Market Hall‬, ‪Cumbria, England‬. ‪Last gig before departing on European tour (as ‘Earth)‬,” Black Sabbath wrote in the caption of the photo.

In the comments of the photo, many fans surprised because of Ozzy Osbourne‘s hairstyle and expressed that they never saw him as like that before.

You can see the rarest photo shared by Black Sabbath below.

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