Skid Row Legend Sebastian Bach’s Special Letter For His Family Revealed

The Canadian singer Sebastian Bach, also known with his 9-year career with American heavy metal band Skid Row, has just sent a special letter for his family and mentioned that spending time with the family is a wonderful activity in these self-isolation times.

In the letter, Sebastian said that the musicians often stay away from their families because of the tours. While he expressing that he is looking forward to returning to the stage, the successful singer added he should spend time with his family for now.

You can read the special letter shared by Sebastian Bach below.

“Isolation in paradise, with my beautiful family. It’s funny how life works. Or doesn’t work.

“As a touring musician, it is always gut-wrenching to be away from your family. So now we are all ordered to spend time with our family. In a (non) science fiction sort of way I have got something I have always wished for. I have got to spend more time with my daughter this year by far than any year before this. And that is precious to me.

“When I am told that I am going to be under lockdown with my kids and wife for weeks and weeks and weeks on end, a sly little grin appears across my face. I cannot wait to get back on stage and rock with you. But in the meantime being a husband and father 24/7 is something that is very precious and very special to me because I simply never get to do this.

“Before you get all freaked out, no we did not drive to a park to get this picture, we walked to this mountain top right from our house. You know it’s a weird world when you get really excited just because you didn’t come into contact with another single human being all day. We are all doing great and hope you are too in this Logan’s Run novel come to life.”

Also, Sebastian Bach’s wife Suzanne Le Bach has commented on the photo and talked about those moments. She stated that Sebastian Bach has yelled his kids.

“You guys should’ve seen Sebastian yelling at the kids and I, when we were walking ahead of him and one of our neighbors pulled out of their driveway,” she wrote. “He was freaking out yelling at us to ‘be aware, People!’ …Instead of watching for coyotes or rattlesnakes, he was on high alert for people…. or maybe he was just high.”

Here’s the photo:

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