Adrian Smith Makes Flash Comments On Iron Maiden’s 3-Guitar Lineup

The English guitarist/pianist Adrian Smith, known for the guitarist of the Iron Maiden, shared his opinion on the band’s three-guitar lineup and explained why he thought it wouldn’t work.

During a recent radio appearance, Iron Maiden man shared his feelings about the issue and cleared the air by touching the negative sides of it.

When the interviewer asked a question to him about the issue, Adrian said:

“Yeah, it could have gone horribly wrong, couldn’t it? I mean, imagine that with three Yngwies or three Ritchie Blackmores… It wouldn’t work.

“Dave and I go way back. At first, maybe I thought that Jan [Janick Gers] and I would do half a set each or something, but Steve came up with this mad idea.

“He suggested to them to have three guitarists. I’d like to have been in the room when he said that…

“But, we tried it out. We went down to Portugal, we started knocking a few ideas together in this warehouse – it was like a motorcycle club, there was all these motorbikes in there.

“We were all standing and looking at each other and someone said, ‘Anyone got any ideas?’ So I said, ‘I’ve got a riff.’ So, I had ’The Wicker Man,’ and we started playing it, and it just clicked. So we went on from there.

“It works out – amazingly enough, it works out. In the old stuff, there’s so many harmonies, unison solos, riffs… I mean, it’s so much work. It actually really works well with three guitars, especially live.”

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