AC/DC’s Legendary Drummer Recalls His Rare-Known Conversation With David Gilmour

In a new appearance with Linea Rock, Chris Slade, the legendary drummer of the 47-year world-known rock band AC/DC, has recalled his joining to David Gilmour‘s solo band and took his fans back to the ’80s.

While he talks about his conversation with David Gilmour, Chris said he thought Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page was making a phone joke with him.

“I was living in London,” he said. “And the phone rings, and I’m trying to get it the right way, so, ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello, this is David Gilmour.’ ‘Come on, Jim, I know it’s you, stop messing about.’

“’No, this is David Gilmour.’ And I met him once before, so I go, ‘Oh, hello Dave, surprised to hear from you.’ We had mutual friends, Mick Ralphs from Bad Company – they were neighbors – and I’ve worked in Mick Ralph’s band, just did a few gigs to try to warm up and stuff.”

Chris explained that David had made him an offer and that it was about David‘s solo band. He has also touched his reaction after the offer.

“So I had met Dave, but as far as I knew, he was off skiing somewhere. So, ‘Surprised to hear from you’; ‘Well, I’m putting a band together, and I’d really like you to be the drummer.’

“And I went, ‘Dave, look, you know I’m in the band with Mick Ralphs.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, Mick‘s doing it as well.’ [Laughs] So funnily enough, we went down the pub to celebrate, basically.”

Chris Slade has performed with the 55-year English rock band Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour at the London gig that was recorded and released as the “David Gilmour Live 1984” live album, which was released in September.


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