Tom Morello Breaks Silence On A Rumor That RATM Struck A Deal With Joe Biden’s Transition Team

The American musician and political activist Tom Morello, known as the guitarist of the Rage Against The Machine, has just appeared on his official Twitter page to break his silence about one of the curious rumors about his band.

On November 18, a rumor announced about the 46th president of the US, Joe Biden, and Rage Against The Machine. According to Bullwork, Rage Against The Machine and Joe Biden’s transition team struck a deal to help get the word out to the youth of the country to begin to follow government mandates on wearing masks and social distancing.

Recently, Tom Morello has spoken out about the issue and said it was fake. “Fake News,” Tom Morello said. “Trust me, if u wanna sneeze your Covid into your MAGA grandpas mouth I 100% support your kick ass freedom to do so. #NaturalSelectionBro.”

As a response to Tom Morello, people have shared their thoughts.

While a follower named Maxwell writes, “Been a fan for a long time, but it does kinda look like ‘Rage Against the Machine’ is becoming ‘Rage Alongside the Machine’ to be totally honest,” another follower wrote, “Man for as much as I like your music, that joy pales in comparison to watching people just now figuring out that Rage against the machine was *Gasp!* a liberal band. Nay, not just liberal, but maybe even… progressive. This shit beats cable any day.”

You can find the tweets below.

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