Testament Singer Alex Skolnick Rejects Hologram Shows: “Dio Had No Say, Nor Did Tupac”

Testament singer Alex Skolnick remembered the 10th death anniversary of the heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, who died at the age of 67 due to stomach cancer, and paid his tribute to him with a special post he shared.

The 51-year-old vocalist has just added a new post on his official social media account and showed his respect to Ronnie James Dio on his death anniversary. When he sent a rare photo of Dio and him, a fan asked him that if he liked Dio‘s hologram show. The answer of Alex was negative.

When a fan wrote, “Alex I tried watchin his hologram show, what are your views on this? It actually made me sad, he was great,” Alex replied:

“I don’t believe in those hologram shows. It would be one thing if the artist was still alive, chose not to tour for whatever reason, gave his or her approval & maybe even had a hand in the process. But Dio had no say. Nor did Tupac. And no way can I picture Zappa approving. So no.”

In his tribute post, Alex called Dio as a great guy and said for him that he is one of the greatest voices of music history.

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