Friday, July 1, 2022
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Tag: dave grohl news

Dave Grohl Explained What The Upcoming Foo Fighters Album Looks Like

During a conversation with the ALT 98.7 radio station, Dave Grohl, founder of the 25-year rock band Foo Fighters, has talked about the band's upcoming...

Lamb of God Star Remembers His Reaction To Dave Grohl’s Weird Question About Drums

The world-class heavy metal band Lamb of God drummer Art Cruz spoke to “Radioactive Mike” and recalled his reaction to weird question Foo Fighters...

Foo Fighters Star Dave Grohl Makes Important Update About Coronavirus

The American rock band Foo Fighters legend Dave Grohl has just penned a piece for The Atlantic and sent a helpful playlist for this difficult...

Dave Grohl Recalls His Joining To QOTSA While Foo Fighters Struggling

In a new conversation with The Bill Simmons Podcast, Dave Grohl, who formed Foo Fighters in 1994 following the unexpected suicide of Kurt Cobain,...