SOAD’s John Dolmayan Talks About His Eminem Cover: “I Like Eminem But I Don’t Like Rap”

During an appearance with Metal Hammer, John Dolmayan, the drummer of the American-Armenian heavy metal band System of a Down, has just talked about his latest solo album called These Grey Men, which was released on February 28, and shared his thoughts about his Eminem cover Rock Bottom.

“I don’t have a great explanation on that one,” he said. “I do like Eminem, I like his syncopation, but I don’t like rap, I find it kind of boring. But I love this song, although I don’t know why.

“It’s, like, I don’t know why I like banana ice cream! I feel like I’m the only person that does… and I don’t like chocolate ice cream… unless it has banana ice cream with it. So, that’s what this song is; banana ice cream and chocolate ice cream.”

John also touched what the people wanted from him.

“People have been asking me to do a drum solo for ages, but in a live show, the only two people that should do a drum solo are Neil Peart and John Bonham. No one else, and both of those people have passed away so it isn’t going to happen. From my end, I know I’m capable of doing it.”

John Dolmayan‘s latest solo album These Grey Men features 8 tracks in total.


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