Sacred Reich’s Phil Rind Reveals Jason Rainey’s Depressive Behaviors On His Last Days

The American thrash metal band Sacred Reich frontman Phil Rind has paid his tribute to his former bandmate Jason Rainey and revealed his depressive behaviors on his last days.

Jason Rainey was the guitarist of the band from 1985. Firstly, he announced his departure in 2000. Later, he rejoined the band in 2006 and parted ways again in 2019. In 2020, he has passed away due to a heart attack and saddened many rockers and his friends.

Recently, Phil has sat with Sepultura members on their brand new livestream, SepulQuarta. He reflected his bandmate’s tragic passing and made people emotional with the words he told about the guitarist’s last days.

“It was really tough,” he said. “I’m probably closer to Jason than anybody else. We’ve known each other… I was 16; I’m 52. So we’ve known each other quite a long time.

“His health had just been deteriorating. He had lived with me on two different occasions. He wanted to drive trucks for a while when we weren’t doing anything. I put him through driving school. He just… I don’t know; he didn’t wanna do it.

“And then when we were getting ready for the record, he was living here and I set him up with a guitar to record and to practice and to work on the songs. And he wasn’t even really practicing what we were doing.”

He Says His Life Has Changed And It’s Scary

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The frontman added his words that his life has changed, and it’s a bit scary. He also revealed his bandmate’s reactions to him when they entered the studio to record their comeback album. He said that he wanted to do that because he felt like he owes all those things to Jason.

“I feel like in a lot of ways he was kind of emotionally checked out,” he adds. “But I think it’s one thing to know these things for yourself, and it’s another thing to admit them to other people. No one wants to admit it to themselves when you can’t do things that you used to be able to do, and it’s sad. And your life’s changing, and it’s scary.

“So, it was obvious that it wasn’t gonna work out. We did everything we could up to the first day in the studio. It was the first day in the studio, and the other guys were, like, ‘Dude…’ And I’m, like, ‘We’ve just gotta keep going. Don’t worry. We’ve gotta go all the way, because we owe it to Jason to go all the way.’

“And if it wasn’t gonna work out, I didn’t wanna have any doubts in my mind, like, ‘we didn’t try this’ or ‘we didn’t try that’ — we had to do the whole thing.”

Phil Admits They ‘Saw It Coming For A Long Time’

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Concluding his words, the musician admitted that they saw the musician’s tragic passing’s coming. The frontman also expressed that it was sad to confirm what’s really goes on.

“And then he was obviously really hurt about it,” he continued. “‘Cause, once again, it’s hard to admit to yourself.

“So he just was really upset and lashed out and said a bunch of stuff that just really wasn’t true. We don’t care to respond, ’cause no one knows, and it’s really no one’s business what goes on.”

“It was just sad. And then when he passed away, we saw it coming for a long time.”

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