KISS Remembers Their ‘Bloody’ Marvel Comics Collaboration

The successful rock band KISS, which formed in January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley, took fans back to the band’s history and remembered the release of their debut KISS Marvel Comic book.

Recently, the 43-year rock band updated their “KISSTORY” with a recent post they shared through its social media accounts and talked about their special collaboration with Marvel Comics, which happened on May 26, 1977.

In the photo shared by the band, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss were depositing the blood on their fingers into Marvel’s ink.

KISS remembering those days with the following caption: “#KISSTORY – May 26, 1977 – KISS announce their debut KISS Marvel Comic book and deposit their own blood in the comic book ink at the Marvel printing plant.”

The fans who saw the post attracted huge interest in the pose. A couple of them wrote as a response to the band that the collaboration was one of the insane collaborations in history.

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