Black Sabbath Legend Ozzy Osbourne’s Rare Podium-Talk Revealed, His Daughter Beat His Sister

The English television personality Sharon Osbourne, also known as the wife of the Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne, has just updated her social media account with Ozzy Osbourne‘s rare-known podium talk and revealed one of the funniest moments of him.

During his conversation, Ozzy Osbourne was carrying his children and talking to the crowd while he holds them. When he started to talk, his daughter Aimee Osbourne was scrubbing her sister Kelly Osbourne‘s head. Meanwhile, Ozzy Osbourne turned Aimee and said, “Stop trying to kill your sister.” While we approaching the end of the video, Aimee sneezed and everyone laughed.

Sharon Osbourne wrote her thoughts in the caption of the post and described the moment as a ‘gem.’

She wrote: “Revisiting the vault during quarantine @ozzyobsession found this gem.”

While fans commenting on the post shared by Sharon, many of them stated the video is adorable.

The video as follows:

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