Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls The Special Moment He Lived With Nico

Led Zeppelin guitarist/founder Jimmy Page has just added a new moment to his official OnThisDay story series and took fans back to the moment he lived with the German singer Nico.

As those who follow Jimmy Page would know, he adds new stories to his social media series almost every day and reminding the important days, moments, and incidents he lived in his past. This time, Jimmy looked back to 1965 and mentioned the golden moment he lived with Nico.

With a recent Instagram post, Jimmy Page talked about The Fifth Avenue and Nico‘s single releases. He told the process of the tracks and gave information about the contents. Jimmy concluded his words by remembering his routines with Nico.

Jimmy Page wrote:

“On this day in 1965, The Fifth Avenue and Nico both released singles on Immediate Records.⁣

“The A-side of The Fifth Avenue release was a version of the Pete Seeger / Byrds hit ‘The Bells of Rhymney’, which I produced, paired with my own composition Just Like Anyone Would Do.⁣

“Nico released I’m Not Sayin (the Gordon Lightfoot song, produced by Andrew Oldham) and the B-side was titled The Last Mile, which was produced and written by me. I routined with Nico in her mews flat that she had during her stay in London. This was before Nico was to go to New York and become part of the magical Velvet Underground.”

In the comments, people touched Nico‘s beauty and her unique voice.

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