Porta Nigra Releases New Track ‘Das Rad des Ixion’

Formed in 2010, German black metal band Porta Nigra has just released new track titled ‘Das Rad des Ixion’, from their forthcoming album Schöpfungswut, which will go out on January 17th via Soulseller Records.

You can read the band’s comment about the album below.

“Deaf Forever Magazine is presenting the new Track “Das Rad Des Ixion” (“The Wheel Of Ixion”) from our upcoming record. Its the second track on the album Schöpfungswut and more midtempo-based with some more aggressive outbreaks in the “refrain” section as well as an ambiance-part and a classic rock solo. Musically it could be seen as a connection point to “Der Letzte Ton” (“The Last Tone/Note”) from our last album Kaiserschnitt. That song was maybe the only trace left of what could have been called ‘Black Metal’ in any way back then. Subconscious was a bridge to a new chapter. Close your eyes and listen to our story of Ixion, the most malicious entity among the characters of Greek mythology and a basic figure of human decadence for us.”

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