Nita Strauss Talks About Alice Cooper And Her Rare-Known Side

In a new appearance on Kerrang!, Alice Cooper touring guitarist Nita Strauss, who also known as the first female signature artist of the Ibanez guitars, has talked about her stage friend Alice Cooper, what he learned from him and revealed what made her cry onstage with Alice Cooper.

When the interviewer said, “Is there something that you’ve learned from working with Alice that you’ve taken with you, whether it’s about being a musician or just something like how to get fake blood out of a shirt?”, Nita Strauss replied:

“The real thing I’ve taken with me is appreciation. Alice could be a jerk. You always hear about the rockstars that aren’t even on Alice‘s level who are just jerks.”

Nita has also said Alice Cooper respects his fans very much.

“Then there’s Alice, who could be enjoying his dinner, and when a fan comes up to him to tell them their stories about having their records taken away from their parents, he’ll put the fork down, look at them, and then start a conversation, asking if they ever got the records back. He really knows that without those fans, none of us would be here.”

Also, anywhere in the interview, Nita Strauss was asked if she was playing a song while crying on stage before.

“Oh my God, so many times,” Nita replied. “The first time I played ‘Poison’ with Alice Cooper, I cried so many times. When I was recording the album, there are these two ballad tracks that are just super personal to me, and I was just crying.

“Not even cute, movie tears, like actual bawling! [Nita does a hacking, open-mouthed sob] I’ve cried during guitar clinics. I’m a very emotional guitar player, so it’s not uncommon for me to cry. I just let it flow through me.”

Besides her successful music career, Nita Strauss has appeared in the 2017 Netflix documentary Hired Gun.

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