Nikki Sixx Upset Motley Crue Fans On The Band’s Future

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has commented on the band’s longevity by revealing some sad news and revealed the secret behind the band’s 40 years relationship.

During an interview with Loz Guest, the bassist was asked how it felt that the four decades togetherness. He expressed his surprise in front of all those years.

When the interviewer mentioned the issue, Sixx said: “I don’t think any of us ever really looked… I don’t think anybody looks that far into the future. But then you start seeing some of the bands that you grew up with hitting their 30th birthday, and you’re, like, ‘Woah. These guys have been around 30 years. That’s amazing.’

“And now [they hit] 40 years. And now bands that meant so much to me growing up, like Aerosmith, I think they just hit 50 years. In my head, I’m, like, ‘Are they even 50 years old?’ ‘Cause I still see the album cover to ‘Toys In The Attic’.

“So it’s cool. It used to be a young man’s game, and now it’s a quality game.”

Later, he concluded by revealing that he will not appear with the band in the future.

“Yeah, 40 years,” he said. “Woah. I’m not gonna make 50.”

Nikki Sixx Expresses His Admiration for Def Leppard

Elsewhere in the interview, Nikki Sixx has revealed his admiration for Def Leppard whom his band is supposed to be touring stadiums with them in 2022. He touched on their stability.

“I really admire Def Leppard in so many ways,” he said. “They have such a great body of music, and their work ethic is amazing, and how they interact with each other. And many bands like that.

“But just using Def Leppard as an example, they’re able to give generations, generations, generations of people great music, whether it’s nostalgic or something new, but they go out and they do these tours.

“And you get to a place where going to a Motley Crue concert, an Aerosmith concert [or] a Metallica concert — the list goes on — you know you’re gonna get, pretty much from the first song to the last song, you know every single song. And that’s a cool place to be for us. It doesn’t matter — you can just look at our catalog and put your finger on it and go, ‘That’s the opening song tonight.’

“And you know that the majority of people are gonna have enjoyed it, and it’s been part of their lives. So that’s a fun thing to do, and I think fun for bands and for fans as well.”

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