Mike Portnoy Reveals The ‘Hardships’ They Lived When Dream Theater Were At The Top

The American musician Mike Portnoy, known for the drummer of the Dream Theater between 1985 to 2010, has appeared in a recent video he published through his official YouTube account and revealed what makes the band strong.

During a conversation, the 53-year-old drummer talked on the band’s third studio album, Awake, which was released on October 4, 1994. While he mentions on the album, Mike touched what makes the band strong.

“Then came ‘Awake.’ We made this record in the summer of ’94, we went out to LA and we recorded at One on One Studios, where Metallica had done the ‘Black Album.’

“And we spent a few months there, I was preparing for my wedding – actually, I should say Marlene was preparing for a wedding while I was in LA making this – and two things that jump out thinking about those sessions, one was OJ, the whole OJ thing happened in LA when we were there.

“And then the other thing is obviously Kevin Moore leaving the band.

“We were in the middle of making this record and he breaks the news to us a few weeks into the session that he was leaving. We were so excited on one hand and we spent all those years of waiting and waiting and being patient and persevering…

“And we finally, we had a gold record with ‘Images and Words,’ we’re finally breaking through, and Kevin leaves the band.

“So even when we were at the top, we were still having those hardships. That’s what makes the band strong. We carried on, went on tour with this with Derek Sherinian filling in, and then eventually joining the band.”

You can watch the entire conversation below.

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