Mike Shinoda Reveals How Linkin Park’s Music Affects His Life

In a new appearance on KROQ, Mark Shinoda, the singer of the American rock band Linkin Park, talked about Linkin Park’s music and revealed how it affects him.

While he talks on the issue, he exampled about his private life and mentioned his speech with his kids. He also touched the succtesses of ‘Numb’ and ‘In The End.’ He finished his words by touching the importance of Linkin Park fans.

“I mean, it’s just that feeling of gratitude. At my house, with my kids, before we bed we ask them two questions; we ask, ‘What’s your favorite part of the day?’ and we ask them, ‘Are you grateful?’

“And it’s one thing if you have a good day – that’s an easy question; it’s another one – if you have a crappy day, and like, I’m not going to let them slide with some answers and whatever, especially if they had a bad day.

“It’s like, ‘OK, well, you did have a bad day. I’m not gonna argue with you, you had a bad day, but are you grateful?’

“For me, if I asked myself that question, having the support of the fans over so many years… And ‘Numb’ and ‘In the End,’ actually, ‘In the End’ just crossed a billion plays on YouTube – it’s crazy, I think it’s our second song to get to a billion.

“To be in people’s minds and have songs that mean something to people, it’s nothing I would ever expect to have accomplished. I shouldn’t say accomplished, it’s not like we didn’t have any hand in it, but we certainly would not have done it without the fans. It’s a joint effort.”

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