Exodus’ Gary Holt Introduced ‘SUPER RARE’ Stuff

Gary Holt, the bandleader of the American thrash metal band Exodus, has just sent a photo through his social media account and introduced the ‘super rare’ stuff, the plexiglass laminate.

Also, he stated that the new items include stage used picks from the two final Slayer shows in Chile, Santiago, stage shirts, and many more.

You can find full list of stuff and what he wrote below.

“First off, SUPER RARE clear plexiglass laminate from Reykjavik Iceland, not a scratch on it, from the only show ever by Slayer in Iceland, one of two different ones, this being the Pentagram version!

Also, stage shirts and sweatbands from the final Campaign tour stops in Louisville, Columbus and Moline, and stage Used picks from the two final Slayer shows in Chile, Santiago and Vīna Del Mar, and the stage used picks from Exit 111 festival in Manchester Tennessee!”

Here’s the photos of rare stuff:


Click here for the items.

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