Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Talks On Fade To Black: “We Surprised Everyone But Ourselves”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich made his latest appearance with Metal Hammer during coronavirus quarantine and remembered the band’s sellout accusations that came with their legendary track “Fade To Black,” which taken from the band’s second studio album.

While he talks on the issue, Lars Ulrich said: “Everybody seemed to be caught off-guard by the fact we’d done it. We surprised everyone but ourselves. You can hear that the New Wave of British Heavy Metal inspired the first record.

“But if you step back further than that, you get to Deep Purple’s ‘Child in Time’ and Judas Priest’s ‘Beyond the Realms of Death,’ even ‘Stairway To Heaven’ – those big, brooding, epic songs.”

He revealed that they did not have enough skills to record better than Metallica and how they solved this situation.

“That kind of song was always in the background for us – we knew in our hearts that was part of the Metallica sound, but we just didn’t have the skill or finesse to tackle it on ‘Kill ‘Em All.’

“By the time Cliff and Kirk had come on board, we felt we had the ability to go down that path.”

You can listen to Metallica’s Fade to Black performance below, which took place in Lincoln on September 6, 2018.

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