Readers Reacts To Pantera Reunion In 2023 Readers Reacts To Pantera Reunion In 2023

On Twitter, the rock and metal news website,, had started a poll after Pantera reunion news. Let’s see the readers’ reaction to the band.

As some of you might remember, it was officially confirmed on Thursday(July 14) that Pantera booked a reunion tour for 2023 with the surviving members that feature Rex Brown on bass and Philip Anselmo on vocals. The band’s line-up will officially be featured Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante, in addition to the surviving members.

After Pantera announced its reunion, listeners of rock and metal, whether they are Pantera fans or not, have split into two sides. On one side, there were those who cried with happiness for Pantera’s return, while on the other side there were those who argued that Pantera should not have returned without the band’s founders, Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.

Recently, made a poll to clarify which side is more. On Twitter, there was a poll about the Pantera reunion. When 60.2% of people wanted a Pantera reunion, the remaining 39.8% said “no” to their comeback. Furthermore, some of them shared their reactions to the issue, positively or negatively.

MetalCastle Readers’ Reaction To Pantera Reunion In 2023

Here are a couple of those people who talked about the Pantera reunion. A fan named Werner Ressle said Pantera shouldn’t reunite without Dimebag and Vinnie.

“How should this go without a drummer and a guitar ??? These 2 (instruments and characters) are essential for the sound of Pantera,” he told via comment section. “This is like Stones without Mick and Keith.”

There was also a fan who had no hope for Pantera reunion, saying: “It will be difficult to capture that essence from before with new guys.”

A fan named Kevin Duddy showed off his admiration for Charlie Benante, who will be appeared on Pantera’s reunited line-up. He said it will be great to see him with the band.

“Pantera drama aside, my favorite drummer behind one of the greatest axemen ever with Phil singing? Hell yes,” he said.

Jonathan said it should be a tribute tour.

“I love the idea, but this should be more of a ‘Tribute Tour’ rather than a Pantera Tour… R.I.P. Dime and Vinnie \m/,” he tweeted.

John Page said without Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell, Pantera will not be a Pantera, without disrespect for the announced line-up.

“Saw Pantera on the Vulgar Display of Power tour in Worcester, Massachusetts, then saw them on the Far Beyond Driven tour in Fitchburg, Mass. As much as I like Zack Wylde, and I love Charlie Benante, Pantera without Dime, and Vinnie isn’t Pantera,” John tweeted.

Jamie’s reaction to Pantera reunion was about Dimebag.

“There is no Pantera without Dimebag,” Jamie said.

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