Marco Hietala Comments On What Is The Real Reason Behind Nightwish’s Success

The symphonic metal band Nightwish bassist Marco Hietala made his recent appearance with Ultimate-Guitar and shared his honest opinion on what is the main reason behind the band’s success.

While he talks with Justin Beckner, the interviewer touched the band’s newest album, “Human. :II: Nature.,” which released on April 10, 2020, and that the release decision is somewhat of a brave choice, the 54-year-old bassist replied:

“Yeah, it was kind of a natural continuation of the ambition that the group and Tuomas has shown.

“I have to say that putting in the classical orchestra, which he composed and used Troy and Floor on a couple of songs, it’s more of his work.”

He continued his words revealing the main reason for their success.

“But my opinion is that Nightwish’s success – we’re going on our third vocalist, the drummer has changed, the bass player has changed, and we’ve added a guitar player and a pipe player in the same package…

“After all that, I think the main reason for the band’s success is Tuomas’ writing and his lyric writing. When he approached us with all the stuff written and asked if it was OK, to me. It was totally OK – he’s got the right.

“It was a double album, to boot. Of course, I had plenty of things to do on the band album so I feel satisfied that I did my part.”

He also said that the ego is bad for making music.

“I’m not a young guy anymore so these days, ego has got nothing to do with how well you can make music work if you concentrate on finding the best things for the song with your mates.”

Marco Hietala rocks the stage with Nightwish since 2001.


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