Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Reveals The Fascinating Experience He Lived With Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, also known as the founder of the band, has just updated his official Instagram account to continue his daily ‘OnThisDay’ series and remembered the fascinating experience he lived with Robert Plant.

This time, Jimmy Page took fans back to their Marrakech show, which held in 1994. While he was talking about those days, Jimmy described that show as fascinating. When he mentioned the fans’ reaction, he said that they looked a bit surprised.

You can read below what Jimmy Page and Robert Plant lived at their Marrakech show.

“On this day in 1994, Robert Plant and I appeared in the Jemaa el-Fnaa, Marrakech.

“This was a fascinating experience to be playing what indeed was a medieval market. Robert and I performed a song entitled ‘Yalla’, later to be re-titled ‘The Truth Explodes’ and it was performed with a percussion loop that had been originally supplied to Robert by Martin Massonier. However, the loop was now slowed down in tempo and had my electric guitar riff and Robert’s vocals ricocheting through the stalls, the walls and the souk.

“The audience appeared quite shocked at this spectacle and I remember at one point one of the PA speakers disappearing off into the audience, probably to be sold around the corner, and had to be hastily retrieved!⁣

“This had been such a profound experience being able to play music in a place that I had visited and enjoyed many times in the past and appreciated the musicians, acrobats, readers and writers of letters, astrologers, snake charmers, storytellers, jugglers and chefs of fine food, the fumes of which add to the ambience of this magical place.⁣”

In the comments, his social media followers thanked him for the stories he shared every day.

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