Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Praises Fans Because Of Their Insane Success

Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page, 76, contacted fans by praising and celebrating them because of their huge support and sent good words for them.

As people who follow Jimmy Page would know, Jimmy Page is one of those who uses his social media accounts actively, useful, and to contact people about the important issues. He became an icon with his OnThisDay series and social media posts.

Recently, Jimmy Page reached 1M followers on Instagram. With the recent social media posts, he shared that happiness with his fans and thanked them in a special way. He also touched their huge support and connection.

In the letter, Jimmy Page wrote:

“Thanks a million to you all for joining me on my On This Day journey on Instagram. ⁣

“From exploring the Souks of Morocco and Pyramids of Giza, to describing the electrifying intensity of recording each album and performing sell-out shows, it’s wonderful to be able to connect with you like this and to see your kind words. Your enthusiastic comments each day are a great addition to each memory that I share with you.⁣

“The On This Day series has been spotlighted on my website since its launch in July 2011, taking a few years of collaborative research and planning to assemble and display. For a special, digital glimpse backstage, here’s a photo or two to show you my work diaries and handwritten entries for each daily post.⁣

“Thank you all once again and keep rocking!”

See Jimmy’s post below.

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