Lars Ulrich to Berlin: ”Let’s Not Wait Another 11 Years to Play in Your Beautiful City”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich seems to have a lot of fun in Berlin. He added that something fascinating came out when the sound of fans combined with the rain. Lars seems to be looking forward to the next of this concert, which attracted 70,000 people.

Here’s Lars’ article about Berlin:

F*ck yeah Berlin.. what an incredible way to kick off the 3rd European Summer leg. The drizzle was another magic component along with your voices, spirit and dedication. 70.000 strong! Wow! Beyond psyched to finally play your Olympic Stadium. Thanx to everyone who rolled out from near and far. Let’s not wait another 11 years to play in your beautiful city.
#wanna #MetInBerlin

You can see the post below:

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