Lars Ulrich Makes Sad Announcement On Metallica’s Future Plans: “One Last Time⁣”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich made a devastating announcement on his official social channels and announced that Metallica will no longer share the band’s live performances in the title of Metallica Mondays.

As people who are fans of Metallica would remember, Metallica was streaming the band’s live performances through its YouTube channel and taking back to the band’s past under the title of Metallica Mondays. They were opening a donate bar for their All Within My Hands Foundation and collecting some donates from fans who sent money for kindness.

Recently, Lars Ulrich took to his official Instagram page to give new updates about the band’s Metallica Mondays event and stated that this week’s stream is the last stream of the event. He thanked people who donated to All Within My Hands Foundation. Lars concluded his words by touching the greatness of the event and described it as unprecedented.

In the letter, Lars Ulrich wrote:

“By now you are hopefully enjoying #MetallicaMondays one more time, and unfortunately, like I said in the intro, one last time…

This is a big week in ‘Tallica world with S&M2 coming this Friday, and the Drive-In concert experience on Saturday, so we figured now is a good time to handover the baton to these new projects and sunset the Monday shenanigans.

I’m so proud of the fact that these events became a weekly calling card for the Metallica family all over the world to gather and connect during these unprecedented and difficult times the last five plus months and we are grateful, proud and humbled to hopefully have made a small difference in your lives since March.

I couldn’t think of a better gig to go out on than Mexico City from 2017…we had an insane three night run at the Foro Sol stadium in your beautiful city and there are few, if any places on this planet where the energy is crazier than in Mexico City….plus throw Iggy Pop in as a special guest and it just doesn’t get any better!!

A big fuck yeah to everyone who had a part in making every week’s event happen, and extra special thank you for donating to All Withing My Hands Foundation, bringing in over $100.000. Wow!!

Once again, thank you for spending the preceding 23 Mondays with us…

Much love from San Francisco.
Stay safe everyone.”

You can find Lars Ulrich’s social media post below.

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