Lamb of God Guitarist Blasts Thieves Who Steal His Guitar

Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler sat with Guitar World and talked about his stolen prized guitar.

While he talks on the issue, he blasted thieves who steal the guitar and remembered the reaction he gave to them. He also gave new updates on the situation of guitar and said no one still knows where the guitar is.

“I was just mad at everyone when that happened – I was mad at my tech, I was mad at the venue that was supposed to be this secure location – like, ‘We’re coming here to do a show for you and your city, and this is what happens?’

“And of course, there are bad apples in every bunch so I can’t just blanket-blame this particular venue. But it was super-violating.

“And still, no one knows where the fucking guitar is. I’ve made a plea – you know, no questions asked, just drop off the guitar somewhere safe, that’s it.”

Willie has also mentioned where he uses the guitar and said it would his main touring guitar.

“This guitar, which I had only gotten a few months before and done some work on it – it was going to be my main touring guitar – was deep in the nose of the semi, and these guys just snuck in and took it. It wasn’t like some kind of crazy smash and grab.

“I could almost understand if it had been something near the back of the truck, like, dudes ran in and ran out, trying not to get caught. But this was all the way at the nose. And the video shows them waiting for like three hours, waiting for security to leave, waiting for the right time.”

He continued: “You can’t see their faces, but you can see them kinda creeping, hiding in the back of the truck waiting, then you see security go by, and then you see them dip out.

“They knew exactly what to grab, too – like, they just took the most expensive shit, and even had to move cases out of the way to get to it. It’s crazy.”

Willie Adler plays guitar with Lamb of God since 1999.

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