KISS’s Gene Simmons Answers If ‘Crypto Dip’ Will Recover

KISS bassist and bandleader Gene Simmons took to his official Twitter account and answered what he thinks on the recent crypto dip.

As some of those crypto followers might know, the crypto stocks went down through deep and affected many people who had that.

Recently, Gene Simmons, who has been sharing his financial investment for a long time on his social channels, has added a new tweet to his Twitter page and commented on the current state of crypto dip.

Gene Simmons Believes It Will Recover

Gene Simmons of KISS

Although he told that he is not a financial advisor, he revealed what he acted following the crypto dip.

“Not telling you guys what to do,” Gene tweeted. “I am not a financial advisor. Simply letting you know that I invested heavily during this crypto dip.”

He added that he believes that it will recover itself but need big time.

“Do I think it will recover? Yes. Big time. That’s why I’m investing heavily. But always do your own research,” Gene write.

On April 13, he quoted a tweet that asks, “If you could only buy one cryptocurrency, what would it be?”

Gene Simmons shared, it would be “Etherium.”

Meantime, he retweeted several bitcoin tweets to celebrate its hit.

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