Joe Satriani Admits A Rare Truth: “I Stole That Right From Ritchie Blackmore!”

In a new interview with Music Is Win, Joe Satriani admitted an unheard truth about Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and surprised fans.

Making his interview, the successful musician Joe Satriani reached the topic when asked if he could recognize a lick from one of the newest tracks, ‘Falling Stars,’ which was released on the latest album. The part Satriani was talking about takes place at 2:59 in the music player.

Speaking about the interview, Joe admitted that he stole that from Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple: “Oh my God, I stole that right from Ritchie Blackmore! I love Ritchie Blackmore and, of course, I spent six months playing with Deep Purple.

“So I had the rare opportunity as a fan to join the epic lineup of Deep Purple and to experience doing that and to make-believe just for a microsecond, like, ‘Hey, I’m in Deep Purple!’

“Of course, I always knew I was just an American kid from Long Island, I got to play with an epic British band, and always above me was Ritchie Blackmore looking down at me, going, ‘Really? You’re going to play an Ibanez guitar?’

“Ritchie’s a guy you can’t copy, you can’t replace him, he’s just… So many guitar players from that era put so much personality into their sound and they had such limited tools that their personality just came out.

“So you can copy the notes and figure out the fingering but you can never actually figure out their essence and the magic that goes into it.

“It’s like Jimmy Page – you can’t contain that. There’ll never be a book that can explain the genius of Jimmy Page! You can’t do it! He’s just too creative every microsecond that he plays the guitar. Any attempt to sort of reign it in and codify it is – forget about it!”


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