Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris Explains What The Iron Maiden Is

In a new interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Steve Harris, the bassist of the world-known heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has talked about the band’s albums and revealed which album new fans should listen first.

When the interviewer said, “What’s the definitive Iron Maiden record? What would you tell a young person, ‘This is what Iron Maiden is, this is where you should start’?”, Steve Harris answered:

“Well, I’d tell them to buy ‘Best Of‘. For a studio album… I don’t know, it’s really tough because everyone’s got their favorite album.”

Upon the changing of favorite album definition from person to person, Steve discussed the reactions of the band’s first fans and commented on it by taking that.

“And nine times out of 10 is when they picked up on the band, so people who picked up on the band in the early ’80s, they would say that their favorite album is ‘Piece of Mind,’ and then younger people who became fans in the ’90s, they would say their favorite album is the first one they picked up on.

“So it’s tough to say which one, and obviously, the band has evolved in more proggy sort of stuff, so it’s a tough one to call, really.”

Also, anywhere in the interview, Steve talked about his living place and revealed he lives in the Bahamas for about 12 years. He also expressed his luck and said the poor people on the other islands haven’t got their estate, and lots of people from those islands have come to the main island where he’s at.


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