Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Reveals Her Unheard Secret: “Masturbation”

The successful musician Lzzy Hale, known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Halestorm, has just contacted fans with a new Q&A session she made on her social media account and revealed what she do on sleepless nights to sleep.

During this difficult coronavirus quarantine, Lzzy Hale contacting with fans through her social media accounts almost every day. When she was asked a new question about her life, she surprised fans with her answer.

When a fan said, “Ok attempt number 2 lol @LZZYHALE. What is your go to method for sleepless nights? #AskLzzyAnything”, Lzzy Hale answered:


Her answer made many fans laugh. Some of them responded to her word and expressed that this is one of the reasons that they loved her.

Lzzy Hale and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee has just shared a new cover version of Halestorm‘s “Break In” and made fans happy during coronavirus lockdown.

You can find the tweets and the cover below.

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