Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Talks On The Greatness Of Duane Eddy

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page appeared on his social media to remember the greatness of the American guitarist Duane Eddy and made great comments about him.

With the posts he sends through his official social channels, Jimmy Page takes his fans back to his past to remember what he lived on that day. He calls it his special OnThisDay series and adds new stories to it day to day.

This time, the successful musician wrote a special letter to add a new story to his OnThisDay series. The story he shared was about the legendary guitarist Duane Eddy and his tribute programme to Les Paul, who died at the age of 94.

Jimmy Page wrote the following letter to take fans back to his past:

“On this day in 2010, I was interviewed by Duane Eddy for BBC- Radio 2. I went to the BBC Studios in West London, where they had prepared a link up with Duane in Nashville for a radio programme.⁣

“Duane was hosting a tribute programme to Les Paul and we discussed the massive pioneering contribution that Les had presented to the world with his composition, recording and playing techniques. ⁣

“As Les had a coast to coast television programme in the states, I think it is without a doubt that his music inspired a legion of guitarists that would become major influences themselves on the early rock and rockabilly scene emerging at that time.⁣

“Duane Eddy himself twanged the thang in the late 50’s and the 60’s and you can hear his character sound in more recent music.”

Under his social media post, many fans mentioned the greatness of Les Paul and Duane Eddy. A couple of them said they were lucky to meet and chat with them.

Here’s the story:

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