James Hetfield and Lzzy Hale

Halestorm frontwoman, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Lzzy Hale, who encourages people with her happy face and positivity, made her latest appearance on Revolver and named the greatest Metallica song ever.

Speaking about Metallica and her favorite track, Lzzy Hale said that Fade to Black, which was taken from Metallica‘s second studio album Ride The Lightning, is the best of both worlds and explained why she thinks like that.

“Oh man, oh my gosh! What that is the greatest Metallica song ever written? Oh, why must you do this to me?

“OK, a nice happy medium. I’m gonna go with ‘Fade to Black’ because it kind of has the best of both worlds. It’s not necessarily all valid. I still like the cover of ‘So What.’ There’s just so much.”

When Lzzy Hale continued her words, she said that Sad But True is being an anthem. She also said that if there was no Black Album, she couldn’t have been introduced to Metallica early.

“’Sad But True,’ that’s like just being an anthem right now! ‘Sad But True’! It’s great. Well, I’m the same way, if it wasn’t for the ‘Black Album,’ I wouldn’t have been introduced to Metallica so early on. Because my take on metal was kind of coming from that. It’s still a song and still whatever it was super-thrashy. Yeah, I did the ‘Black Album’ and then combed back.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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